Donate potable water, it's a right for every person

The clean water crisis causes more deaths than any form of violence, including war. Even today, 10% of the world’s population has no access to clean water.

It is no longer time to wait, act together with Shining Hope so that no one has to be abandoned.


Go to the side of nature before it is too late.

Help us to preserve the forest and all its creatures: plants, animals and the last pygmies in the world.

Thanks to your support and that of thousands of people, Shining Hope can change the lives of these pygmy families in Cameroon in a sustainable way by giving them a space where they can live in harmony.


Give street children a smile and a future. One euro a day is enough.

In Africa, 12,000 children die every day from easily preventable diseases and thousands of children live on the streets, exposed to violence, malnutrition and without the possibility of education. Thanks to you, Shining Hope can help children to grow up, support their education and encourage the reintegration of street children into society.

You can also support SHINING HOPE by making a donation to the following account:

LU46 0023 2101 7428 7700