Karuna Schechen – Education

In the states of Bihar and Jharkhand, the illiteracy rate in remote villages remains very high, especially among women. In order to combat this scourge, Karuna-Shechen offers free literacy classes to village women, as well as courses in reading, writing, arithmetic, national and international geography, and an introduction to reading newspaper articles.

In order to promote the economic empowerment of the village women, training in income-generating activities such as making candles, incense, chalk and recycled paper bags, making raki, preparing ready-to-sell snacks, cultivating mushrooms or knitting are also offered.

In addition, in its training centre in Bodhgaya (Bihar state), free computer training (DTP and Office Management) is organised for young people, each lasting six months.

In 2015, Karuna-Shechen’s education projects have benefited 3000 primary and secondary school children, 21 community schools in Nepal, including 6 new schools, 3 community schools in India, 800 children under 6 years old in 20 Indian villages.

Karuna-Shechen acts for the education of children and young people, especially young girls. The work is carried out with local partners in remote communities in India, Nepal and Tibet to empower children to build their future by providing access to quality education.

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