Saint Bruno – orphanage

According to the 2004 World Report, UNAIDS in 2003, Cameroon had 8 million children, of whom 12% (930,000) were orphans for various reasons. Our project is to build an orphanage in Yaoundè.

The aim is to offer better living conditions to about a hundred orphans, who without our help would find themselves exposed to atrocious risks such as ritual crimes, organ trafficking, prostitution, forced labour and many diseases.

The orphans are today in a situation of extreme poverty. Their main activity is to find food for their daily needs and they mostly sleep in the street.  

This project aims to improve the daily lives of the orphans by providing them with a safe place to live in order to avoid exploitation, disease, hunger, insecurity and school dropout.

The orphanage will comprise 3 buildings: a children’s dormitory, a framing studio and a kitchen/restaurant building.


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