Warka Water

The WarkaWater programme is based on the Warka Tower, the ingenious invention of an Italian designer, Arturo Vittori: a ten-metre-high tower that “captures” the humidity in the air and transforms it back into drinking water, naturally filtered and stored in a reservoir accessible to the populations who were deprived of it..

“Visiting small isolated communities on the high plateau in the north-eastern region of Ethiopia, I witnessed this dramatic reality: the lack of drinking water. The villagers live in a beautiful natural environment, but often without running water, electricity or toilets. To help improve this dramatic situation, I have made it my mission to find solutions and help these people”, said Arturo Vittori, founder of WarkaWater.

Warka Tower was the first project we launched working with some of these isolated communities. Very early on, we realised that beyond the lack of drinking water, there were other important problems to solve. Other projects such as WSolar, WGarden, WSanitation, WDrone, WHouse, WFilter & Distribution and Culture a Porter have therefore evolved and are in full development.

The name of the project “Warka” comes from the Warka tree, which is a giant, wild fig tree native to Ethiopia. Like the tree, the Warka tower is an important cornerstone for the local community. It is part of the local culture and ecosystem by providing fruit, shade and a place to gather.
In recent years, the system has been finding places to set up in Africa and Asia. The Cameroon programme is currently in the development and extension phase, with the support of the Shining Hope Foundation in particular.

Thanks to Green Origin who chose to support this project with us by committing to the construction of 10 WarkaTowers.

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