Shining Hope is a charitable organisation created in the form of a non-profit organisation under Luxembourg law which aims to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations, particularly children, in developing countries, through sustainable actions based on partnership with local civil society actors, in the strictest respect for their culture.

With its local partners, the Foundation is committed to setting up the infrastructures and means to enable the most vulnerable populations to actively contribute to improving their situation and to take charge of their own future.

Created by the Saint-Arnoult family to respond as best as possible to the humanitarian attitude which acts to change mentalities and offer a living and sustainable world to future generations. Our projects are in line with our vision of the world: helping people to live in harmony with nature and animals. With the aim of bringing about a real and lasting change for the population of a region, and to aim for the autonomy and sustainability of each project, we have developed a number of different projects.

The Founders Astrid & Serge, Marie & Xavier

The selection

The Shining Hope Foundation does not run any projects on its own. All decisions taken by the Shining Hope Foundation are guided by our core philosophy: the projects we support must take a holistic approach to their natural, animal and human environment. The values that guide us in our decisions are compassion, sustainability, and inclusion (transparency).

Regular field audits are also carried out to offer maximum transparency to our donors.

We have no political or religious affiliation.