Soyons solidaires

We cannot do it alone!

It is thanks to the support of our various partners that our aid actions throughout the world are possible.

Opportunities for companies to collaborate

SH collaborates with companies because we believe that with common values and objectives, we will fight more effectively to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations.

Since SH’s creation, many companies have become involved in the organisation’s humanitarian action. SH is a trusted partner for private donors and companies in Luxembourg and abroad.

Trust and transparency are our main guiding principles and we make every effort to ensure that your donations are used efficiently and transparently.

By becoming a partner of SH or by collaborating through a specific action, you help us to increase the impact of our aid for the poorest populations while enhancing the social commitment of your company.

4 good reasons to become a partner of SH :

  1. You are committing to an organisation you trust in sustainable development aid
  2. You demonstrate your commitment as a responsible company
  3. You motivate your employees around a solidarity project
  4. You will be informed on an annual and transparent basis on the use of your funds through our project reports.

Our collaboration can take different forms. Whether it is through a one-off social commitment aimed at your employees, your customers or through a long-term partnership that includes several elements, there are many ways to get involved.


The SH team is also open to all proposals for innovative partnerships. Do not hesitate to contact us! !