Karuna Schechen – Women Training

In collaboration with the Barefoot College in Tilonia (India), Shining Hope Foundation and Karuna-Shechen is strengthening the economic empowerment of village women by training them as photovoltaic electricians (electricity from the sun’s energy captured by solar panels).

Information sessions and meetings with the village women are organised to select the volunteers who will take part in training in photovoltaic solar electricity at Barefoot College (Rajasthan, India) or at Karuna-Shechen’s premises in Kathmandu.
Once trained, the village women return to their villages to install solar lighting systems in their homes and take care of their maintenance.


Access to solar electricity is radically transforming living conditions in the villages. Children can study and do their homework in the evenings, as it gets dark very early and daily chores (cooking, washing up, etc.) are made easier and a social life is finally possible in the evenings.

These illiterate women when they return from their apprenticeship have legitimacy with the village and more particularly with the men of the village, because of the knowledge they have acquired. They are asked to organise weekly meetings to manage the living conditions of the village. This is a considerable step forward in terms of women’s rights.

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