The rainforests of Malaysian Borneo were facing an uncertain future. By 2012, less than 1,200 orangutans remained in the Kinabatangan wilderness – the deforestation was taking away their natural habitat.

The support of Shining Hope helped to stabilise their population and protect them from poachers. This fragile environment has also been threatened by intense fragmentation of the local ecosystem, disorders in the genes of animal species, and the colonisation of invasive species.

The Shining Hope Foundation provided financial support to HUTAN and its operational partners from September 2010 to August 2013 to conserve species such as orangutans and raise awareness of the conservation issues among the local population. The programmes we supported included:

  1. Dispersing seeds and improving nutrition. Better feeding options provide a healthier fruit diet for orangutans and contribute to the spread of the seeds that strengthen the rainforest.
  2. Preserving natural habitat and ensuring sustainability. Reconstructing animal migration routes, like our bridge-building project, allows us to conserve animal populations while purifying their genome.

Thanks to the support of the donors, Shining Hope purchased land to expand the protected areas and reconnect the fragmented areas of the nature reserve.

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More about this project

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