The general objectives of the project are increasing attendance rates of school-aged children, improving and enlarging the educational system in the village of Bogdaun, and increasing the ability of non-profit operators and organisations to implement social projects.

Within its scope of action, the Jay Nepal project includes all the various ethnic groups in Nepal, however particular attention has been given to the indigenous community of the “Majhi”, which has been considered socially inferior for decades and hence remained super marginalised.

The project will launch the first computer course in the area as kids face digital illiteracy due to the lack of computer education. Since 2020, the project team has been also working on creating pre-school classes for children aged 4-5 years old, providing educational support to vulnerable children ages 6-13, and designing a Training Institute for Non-profit operators in Nepal and abroad. All these educational offerings will help not only families living below the poverty line but also highly vulnerable children (victims of abuse and orphans) and those at high risk of being exposed to child marriage and human trafficking.

With the support of the Shining Hope Foundation, the Jay Nepal project is expected to provide all Bogdaun children ages 4-5 years with pre-school classes and 70% of Bogdaun youngsters ages 9-16 years with basic computer and English lessons, to reduce drop-out cases dramatically (-50% during project implementation and -80% in 5 years) and to start collaboration and exchange between Bogdaun local school and project services.

Shining Hope is committed to increasing the literacy, improving the educational system and overcoming the socio-economic and cultural poverty!

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More about this project

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